Lot 23 Block 50 Hill Unit 5 – Stunning Mountain Property – $5,995 – SOLD

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Lot 23 Block 50 Unit 5 - Image 1This is an absolutely breathtaking mountain property that is on Manzanita Drive. It’s in the Hill Unit 5 subdivision which begins about 9 miles Southwest of Alturas which is in the Northeastern portion of California.

If you have always wanted your very own piece of beautiful forested mountain property that you could spend time enjoying the great outdoors on, this parcel would be absolutely perfect for you!

Camping is actually allowed on this lot and you can pitch your tent if you feel like roughing it or stay nice and warm in your RV, camper, trailer, or motor home. The choice is all yours!

Since this property is zoned “residential”, you can build a home or cabin on it if that is more to your liking. There are plenty of pine and cedar trees on this lot but there are still some natural open spots for building or camping on.

Imagine spending time on your very own slice of heaven enjoying leisurely nature walks with your friends and family members or perhaps just sitting on your porch and watching the wildlife! This could all be yours if you buy this beautiful lot!

Guarantees and Discounts

Anyone who buys a lot from us gets a thirty (30) day money back guarantee with no questions asked! We are proud to also be able to offer discount for all cash buyers! If you decide to pay this property off early, that’s okay as well and we never charge any early payment penalties. If you happen to change your mind at any time, you can sell the lot and we’ll let the buyer that you find assume your monthly payments.

We also offer a full year to go and see this lot if you decide to buy it without inspecting it on sight before first. You can go check the lot out anytime within the first twelve months (12) and if you don’t like it, you can trade it for another lot that I have available at that time. I’ll even transfer the equity that you’ve already paid over to the new lot that you pick out.

Purchasing Terms

To save you the all of the red tape of trying to get a loan from a bank, we offer our easy terms owner financing package for this lot. Best of all, we don’t ever do any credit checks!

The financed price is $5,995 and with a down payment of only $150, this would mean that your balance would be $5,845 and your monthly payments would only be $125 per month with zero percent interest. Now that’s a price that almost anyone can afford!

If you are able to pay cash up front for this lot, the discounted price for an all cash sale is only $5,395!

Property Details

The legal description for this property is Lot 23 Block 50 Hill Unit 5 and it is .92 acres in size. If you decide to buy and build a home or cabin on this piece of land, the minimum required building size is 500 square feet. There’s no pressure to build right away as there aren’t any time restrictions placed upon you when you buy. You can build at any time but you must install a county approved septic system and a have a well drilled, when and if, you ever decide to build. Manufactured homes are also approved.

As mentioned, if you don’t want to, you never have to build. You could just buy this property and use it as your own private campground.

The 2016-17 property taxes are less than $100 and paid. The California Pines Property Owners Association annual fee is $80.00 and will be prorated.

Note: Growing food on the property is permitted but any other plant cultivation must be approved by Modoc County.

APN: 041-042-2911

GPS Coordinates: 41.244116, -120.760240 (Click on the GPS coordinates to view this lot in Google Maps. You can also get driving directions to this lot.)

Links To Information About The Area

Download The CC&Rs (Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions)
City of Alturas California Website
Alturas Chamber of Commerce
Modoc County Website
Modoc National Forest Website

Photos Of Property

Please note that you can click on any of these photos to make them larger. All photographs were taken on the property.

Lot 23 Block 50 Unit 5 - Image 2

Lot 23 Block 50 Unit 5 – Image 2

Lot 23 Block 50 Unit 5 - Image 3

Lot 23 Block 50 Unit 5 – Image 3

Lot 23 Block 50 Unit 5 - Image 4

Lot 23 Block 50 Unit 5 – Image 4

Lot 23 Block 50 Unit 5 - Plot Map

Lot 23 Block 50 Unit 5 – Plot Map

map showing general location of the land

General Location Of The Land

Lot 4-29-2 Camping In Tents

Lot 4-29-2 Camping In Tents

Lot 9-16-1 RV

Camping in RV

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