Lot 65 Block 37 Unit 5 – Beautiful Wooded Lot For Only $4,500! – SOLD

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property for sale in CaliforniaThe price for this lot is only $4,500! The amount that you will have to put down is only $150.00 which will leave a balance of $4,350 which will be paid off at the rate of only $100 per month. The interest rate for this lot is 0% for 43 months. The best news is that there’s no need to try to talk a bank into loaning you the money to buy this lot because we finance the loan for you! We won’t even ask about your credit score.  That’s right, we don’t do any credit checks!

If you can pay cash, the discounted price is only $4,050!

It is located in a large forested mountain subdivision that begins about nine miles to the southwest of Alturas. Alturas is in the northeastern part of California.

Guarantees and Discounts

All of our customers get a 30 day money back – no questions asked satisfaction guarantee. If you happen to get a big tax return, you can pay the balance of the loan off and we’ll discount the remaining balance that you owe by 10%. There are never any pre-payment penalties either. If things ever get tight for you, you have the option of selling the property and we’ll be happy to allow your buyers to assume the payments.

If you buy this lot sight unseen, you have a full year to go inspect it. At that time, if you don’t like it for any reason, you can switch to another lot that we have available at the time and we’ll transfer the equity that you have already paid over to the new lot that you select.

Property Details

This lot is .92 acres (120′ x 330′). The legal description is Lot 65 Block 37 Hill Unit 5. The nearest available power lines for this lot are about a mile away which makes this it ideally suited for renewable energy sources such as solar power, propane, or generators. Cell phones are what people use for telephone service out there.

You don’t have to build on the land but if you decide to, you’ll need to install an approved septic system and have a well drilled before building. The zoning for this lot is residential and if you decide to build, the structure must be a minimum of 500 square feet in size. If you do decide to build, you have the option of building a traditional stick framed structure or placing a manufactured home on the property. For heating water and cooking, propane is the best option. The roads are paved and groomed gravel leading up to the property. They are not maintained in the winter.

In 2013-2014 the property taxes were $67.00 and they’re paid.  Whoever buys this property will have an annual expense of $75 to cover the home owners association dues. The terrain on this lot can be described as a slight upslope. Camping in tents, campers, fifth wheels, and motorhomes is permitted on the land.

The title is free and clear of any liens or encumbrances.

APN: 041-352-24

GPS Coordinates: 41.2371467, -120.728187 (You can click on the GPS coordinates to view this lot in Google Maps to pinpoint the exact location and view maps and satellite photos or if you would like, simply copy and paste the coordinates into Google Maps. You can also get driving directions on Google Maps to this lot.)

Links To Information About The Mountain Land For Sale In This Area

Download The CC&Rs (Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions)
City of Alturas California Website
Alturas Chamber of Commerce
Modoc County Website
Modoc National Forest Website

Photos Of This Property

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rural property for sale

Lot 65-37-5

Lot 65 Block 37 - Image 3

Lot 65-37-5

Lot 65 Block 37 - Image 4

Lot 65-37-5

Lot 65 Block 37 - Plot map

Map of 65-37-5

map showing general location of the land

General Location Of The Land

Lot 4-29-2 Camping In Tents

Camping In Tents is allowed

Lot 9-16-1 RV

Camping in an RV is allowed

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