Lot 18 Block 29 Unit 5 – SOLD

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land for sale in northern CaliforniaThis scenic land for sale in northern California sits on the corner of Douglas (also known as Pond) and Sawtooth road. It is covered with numerous large pine and cedar trees and there are some nice natural openings for building a cabin on this lot.

The setting for this lot is absolutely spectacular!

The terms for this owner financed land are simple. We’re asking $4,995 with $100 down and a balance of $4,895. The monthly payments for this lot will be $100 with 0% interest for 49 months. We finance so there’s no need to deal with trying to get a loan from the bank or passing a credit check.

Guarantees and Discounts

We’re pleased to be able to offer all of our customers a 30 day money back guarantee on the down payment. If you can pay the lot off early, we’ll discount the remaining balance by 10% with no pre-payment penalty. You can also sell the lot and let someone else assume your payments if you like.

Property Details

Lot 18 Block 29 Unit 5 is .99 acres in size and it sits at an elevation of 6,000′. The nearest power poles are over a half mile away so solar power or generator power would be best for this lot. There’s no phone lines but cell phones work well. For water, you’ll need to drill a well before you build. A septic system must also be installed before you build and the minimum building size is 500 sq ft. For heating water most people use propane. This property is zoned residential. The roads to this lot are paved and groomed red cinders and are NOT maintained in the winter. The property taxes for this lot were $64.04 for the 2010-2011 tax year. There is also a $75 annual POA fee that must be paid by the buyer.

APN: 041 431 3511

Links To Information About The Mountain Property For Sale In This Area

Download The CC&Rs (Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions)
City of Alturas California Website
Alturas Chamber of Commerce
Modoc County Website
Modoc National Forest Website

Photos Of This Property

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Lot 18 Block 29 - Image 2

Lot 18-29-5

northern California land for sale

Lot 18-29-5

Lot 18 Block 29 - Image 4

Lot 18-29-5

Lot 18 Block 29 - Image 6

Map of Lot 18-29-5

map showing general location of the land

General Location Of The Land